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  2nd Annual Summit on Homelessness  
   "Resources 101"  

Join us for an informative presentation session. Local partners, social service agencies and organizations will be presenting their resources, services and upcoming events. This is an excellent opportunity to hear about who does what, where, and how. This information is designed to help those who serve the community point their clients to the best and most current available resources in Pueblo.

If you don't work for a local agency but you have a heart for those in need, we encourage you to attend and learn how to support citizens in need by knowing where the right resources can be found.


This summit will also provide a groundbreaking opportunity to communicate with local partners to eliminate duplicated resources and help organization's focus on providing targeted and needed resources to a complex population.


Post event, all attendees will receive a spiral bound resource directory that contains all of the resources shared at the Summit. It is our hope that the directory will help service providers point those in need of resources, to the very sources that will in fact  renew, restore and transform.

If you provide shelter, food, case management, food bank access, peer led programming, mental health supports, addiction/recovery services, medication assisted recovery, veterans services, housing supports, financial empowerment, spiritual supports, employment/vocational supports, legal help- Download a Presenter form today and submit your completed form to:

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