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This year, more than 330,000 adults and 4.2 million kids will be homeless in America. Fight these numbers by joining our Sleep Out today: You’ll raise lifesaving funds to help us give individuals in Pueblo safe shelter and opportunity and your efforts will go far to help us unite the Pueblo community against homelessness.

If you are business who would like to sponsor this event, please click on the Sponsorship Packet link below!

We'd love to have your support and show Pueblo your huge heart for our unsheltered citizens! 

The Great Pueblo Sleep Out 2023

This year's Sleep Out will take place at CSU-Pueblo inside the Art & Lorraine Gonzales Stadium! 

The Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. We Sleep Out to show our solidarity with those who are — and to let the world know about the ever-growing population of  people of all ages who face homelessness.

Participants collect pledges from family, friends, local businesses, anyone who will sponsor. We like to say, "They are paying you to sleep outside for one night"

To get involved, there are two steps:

1. Download your donation packet

2. Register and save your sleep spot

You can do both at the bottom of this page! 



Because everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. 


According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in 2022, 356,000 people experienced homelessness on a single given night. In 2022, the US Department of education shared that 4.2 million youth under 18 also faced homelessness.  Each of these individuals has a story, a dream, and a future.



The Great Pueblo Sleep Out 2023 will take place on Saturday, May 6th @ the Art & Lorraine Gonzales Stadium at CSU-Pueblo. Participants should reach out and ask for pledges from companies, small businesses, family & friends. Your sponsors will pledge funds to you in exchange for you giving up your bed for one night to help ensure that others can sleep safely at the Pueblo Rescue Mission.



You decide how you will sleep out on May 6th. You can sleep among the stars, in a tent, in a box, with a sleeping bag or blankets. Sleeping in your clothes  is required.

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