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Housing 101

Housing and Shelter in Pueblo


The Pueblo Rescue Mission wants the community to know that we are here to offer emergency shelter nightly, 365 nights a year. Starting at 9PM, we admit unsheltered citizens on a first come, first served basis, until the shelter is full. A small 2 bag limit is in effect. No outside bedding can be brought inside. Contraband is not permitted inside the shelter and will be turned in at entry point and locked in a safe until the client exits the next morning. Once admitted to the emergency shelter, there is no exit and re-entry that night. The Mission offers all clients bedding and pillows. We have the capacity shelter 60 adult males and 35 adult females, and we admit clients until the shelter is full. All emergency shelter clients exit at 7AM the following day.



We also offer a stabilization program called The Step Back In program to help Pueblo's unsheltered who want a better life. This program will provide addiction/recovery support, mental health stabilization supports, employment supports and provide Pueblo's unsheltered citizens an opportunity to learn and practice responsible financial management here at The Mission.


This program provides the stabilization that will ensure success for the program participant so when housing becomes available, they will be able to attain it AND sustain it. This program will help anyone currently unsheltered to offer a "do-over and learn or re-learn the skills necessary to lead a productive life as an engaged and participating citizen in Pueblo.  The program is rigorous, and it requires transparency and accountability. It also requires a commitment to maintain physical and mental wellness, and to be clean, sober, financially responsible and eager to work on resolving the issues that created their homelessness circumstances. All program residents are expected to be independent and able to complete all activities of daily living.  


Whether released from prison, recently evicted, faced with divorce, an unexpected job loss, starting over right out of a drug rehabilitation program, new to the Pueblo community or the victim of catastrophic circumstances that require a rebuilding from ground zero, this program could be for you. If you want more for you, we want more for you and the staff at The Mission will come alongside you to support in your journey. 


Low cost affordable housing is difficult to acquire in Pueblo. Resources for housing assistance are limited. Completing a VISPADT will put you on the By Name List in Pueblo. 


The VI-SPDAT is an assessment used by the Pueblo community, and throughout Colorado, to measure an individual's vulnerability and housing needs.  The assessment is comprised of a series of personal questions about an individual or family’s history of housing and homelessness.  The responses help to determine the priority order in which people may be contacted for available housing units from the Pueblo community’s Housing Priority List. Various life circumstances affect the score such as minor children, veteran status and documented disabilities. 

WHY complete a VI-SPDAT?

The purpose of completing a VI-SPDAT, for those who are eligible, is to be placed on Pueblo's Housing Priority List.  Depending on their needs, households on The By Name Housing Priority List are eligible for housing. 


WHERE is the VI-SPDAT completed?

VI-SPDATs are completed with a Coordinated Entry (CE) Homeless Services staff member or trained outreach worker.  Please see below for information about CE access points.

WHERE is the VI-SPDAT completed?

VI-SPDATs are completed with a Coordinated Entry (CE) Homeless Services staff member or a VISPADT trained outreach worker.  Pueblo has various local access points, and The Pueblo Rescue Mission is one of those Entry Points!  You can call The Mission at (719) 924-8413 for more information or come complete a VISPADT @ The Mission:

Monday through Friday from 10AM-6PM and on Saturdays from 4PM-6PM.

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