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Pueblo Rescue Mission Building Fund

The Mission is seeking funds to purchase a building at 710 W. 4th Street. The purchase price of this building is $350,000. If purchased now, it would be available to provide services by October 2023! This building would allow us to provide additional emergency shelter this winter. 100+ added individuals could be sheltered this winter, above the 120 that can be sheltered for emergency warming shelter  at the current shelter located at 728 W. 4th Street   This building would become a campus like environment that we would name the PRM Lighthouse Campus. It would be open to the community and allow us to provide a multitude of services all in one place. Please read more about our plans below: 

Doctor's Appointment


Onsite Clinic

Clients will be able to access medical care, behavioral health care and dental care at the new 710 W. 4th Street building.  The barriers for transportation would be removed for access to care by providing a one stop shop approach to having accessible health care onsite at the PRM Lighthouse campus.


Legal Services

Clients will have access to legal services for support in starting, re-starting or appealing disability claims. SSI and SSDI governmental benefits are opportunities to lift an individual out of poverty. Services will be open to the community and anyone seeking legal support for benefits  will be welcome to come to the PRM Lighthouse to obtain these valuable financial resources. 

 Scales of Justice
Job interview


Case Management

The PRM Lighthouse Campus will provide case management for the Pueblo community in need. Services will include support to obtain governmental ID, social security cards, birth certificates, VI-SPDAT housing surveys, and more. Support is available to complete rental applications, self-help legal forms, income tax supports, etc. Case management can provide supportive employment resources to include resume building, online application supports, and also computer use and access for managing employment search needs. Clients can also participate in the WorkLife program with case management that provides supports for underemployed, individuals with gaps in employment, decreased job skills, resources to sustain their employment and more. 


Group Programs

The PRM Lighthouse will host a variety of groups open to the Pueblo community. Groups are always being added and PRM's current group schedule includes the following groups: Sunday's Church & Donuts, Boundaries, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, LifeSkills, Tai Chi, CBT, Addiction Recovery, Mindfulness Meditation, Faith based studies, DBT, Ladies Night, Open AA Meeting, and Movie Night 

Group Therapy

                                   The Porchlight
                                   Emergency Shelter


The Lighthouse Campus would host the "Porchlight" Emergency Services Shelter as an addition to its current shelter. In inclement weather, this secondary shelter could house 100+ individuals and meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable individuals in the Pueblo community. The shelter will be ADA, provide restroom services, a hand washing station, and most importantly, safe, warm, secured shelter.

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