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[.WATCH.!] Retribution (2023) (FullMovie) Free Online on 123movies

In the heart of a sprawling metropolis, where towering skyscrapers reached for the heavens and the neon lights painted the night sky, Detective Sarah Mitchell stood alone on the rooftop of an abandoned building. She was known as one of the finest detectives in the city, but her latest case had pushed her to the edge. She was determined to bring down the elusive crime lord known as Victor Moretti, a man responsible for a web of corruption and violence that had ensnared the city for years.


Sarah had lost her partner, Detective Michael O'Connor, to Moretti's henchmen only two weeks ago. She blamed herself for his death, and that guilt fueled her unrelenting pursuit of justice. It was no secret that Moretti had corrupted law enforcement and the judicial system, making it almost impossible for anyone to touch him. But Sarah was not one to back down easily.

The detective had a lead. She had received an anonymous tip about Moretti's upcoming secret meeting at the abandoned warehouse near the docks. Clutching her service pistol, she descended the creaking stairs of the rooftop and made her way through the city's dark alleyways, concealed in the shadows. She couldn't trust anyone; the walls had ears, and Moretti's influence ran deep.

As Sarah arrived at the warehouse, she watched from a distance as the meeting unfolded. She recognized Moretti by his cold, calculating eyes. He was surrounded by his henchmen, politicians, and corrupt police officers. They were discussing a new drug operation that would bring in unimaginable profits. The detective knew this was her chance to bring Moretti to justice.

She called for backup, but she knew she couldn't wait for them. She had to act fast. With the element of surprise on her side, Sarah stormed the warehouse, taking out the guards one by one in a silent and deadly dance of retribution.

Chaos erupted as the remaining criminals, including Moretti, tried to escape. The warehouse turned into a battleground. Sarah fought her way through the chaos, determination burning in her eyes. Moretti's henchmen fell like dominoes, but the crime lord himself managed to slip away.

Sarah pursued him through the dark alleys, her heart pounding, and her breath labored. She finally cornered Moretti on a deserted pier. With nowhere to run, he drew a concealed weapon, but Sarah was faster. She fired a single shot, hitting him in the shoulder.

As Moretti crumpled to the ground, he realized that his empire was crumbling, and there was no escape. The retribution he had eluded for so long had finally caught up to him.

Back at the precinct, the corrupt officers were exposed, and the city began to heal from the cancer of Moretti's influence. Detective Sarah Mitchell had avenged her partner's death, and the city knew that justice would always find a way, even in the darkest corners of the urban jungle.

"Retribution" had been served, and the city was on the path to redemption.


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