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[WATCHLIVE]FREE!]* Eternal MMA 80 Live Free Broadcast ON Tv Channel

Eternal MMA 80, set to take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at HBF Stadium in Perth, Western Australia, promises to be an action-packed night of mixed martial arts (MMA) competition. With 14 scheduled fights on the card, this event is expected to draw MMA enthusiasts and fight fans from all around the region.

HBF Stadium in Perth is no stranger to hosting high-energy MMA events, and on this particular evening, it will transform into a battleground where fighters will showcase their skills, determination, and fighting spirit. The venue will be buzzing with anticipation as fighters step into the octagon to prove themselves in front of a passionate crowd.

Fight card:

Quillan Salkilld vs. Brett Pastore

Anthony Drilich vs. Frank Jankowski

Julian Giustiniano vs. Kevin Kophamel

Khan Deatta vs. Corey Lynch

Sebastian Szalay vs. Dan Jones

Elias Strautins vs. Kye Bicknell

Jack Hooper vs. Nima Behrouz

Shannon Staples vs. Spencer Mosley

Ryan Cooper vs. Julian Giustiniano

Kwi Lah vs. Harvey Youngman

Jaye Hyland vs. Louis Christopherson

Laurence Whitesmith vs. Ashley Rodger

Adam Lawrence vs. Luke Matchitt

Joseph Bird vs. Jackson McLellan

The fight card for Eternal MMA 80 is a diverse mix of weight classes, styles, and backgrounds, providing a rich tapestry of MMA action. From knockout artists in the heavier weight divisions to grappling experts in the lighter classes, fans can expect a wide range of techniques and strategies on display.

As the event unfolds, fans will witness each fighter's journey, from underdogs defying the odds to experienced veterans showing their prowess. The crowd will play an integral part in creating the electric atmosphere, rallying behind their favorite fighters and marveling at the skills and heart on display.

The main event for Eternal MMA 80, undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, will likely feature two elite fighters competing in a championship or high-stakes matchup. These fighters will vie for victory and, potentially, a title belt, ensuring that the crowd will be on the edge of their seats until the final bell.

Eternal MMA events have a reputation for delivering thrilling and memorable nights of MMA action, and this 80th edition is expected to be no exception. As the fighters step into the octagon and the crowd roars with anticipation, the stage is set for another remarkable night of MMA competition in Perth, Western Australia, and beyond.


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